We are a values-driven company committed to bringing home owners everywhere superior green products that do not harm the planet or the user. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint by providing environment friendly products and services such as Home Thermal Insulation/Heat Insulation, Roof Restoration, Roof Security System and Container Home Offices. Our eco friendly products are not only environment friendly, they also meet and surpass the performance expectations of other conventional products. Our passion is driven by our love for green solutions without compromising performance therefore be rest assured your homes are in good hands.

About us

We are devoted to bringing you the best in the market representing our brand TCL Systems. We are passionate about what we do and we aim to provide you with not only the best products but the best service as well. TCL Systems Sdn Bhd was established in 1995, we are veterans in our field and have long seen a need for greener solutions if we are going to sustain as a civilization. Here we have a simple and powerful rule, always give back customers more than what they expect to get. Our team is dedicated, well trained and devoted to giving you the best performing eco friendly products in the market.

Why Choose Us

We are experts when it comes to providing provisions of innovative solutions for heat, sound and acoustic insulation with the greenest of green products. We are the one of the finest in the industry. Here is why you choose us :

  1. Our products are recycled green products.
  2. We use a spray on system , it covers all voids and is a seamless barrier upon completion.
  3. Our system has been proven to beat conventional methods in reducing both heat and sound transmissions.
  4.  No maintenance required for our system