Cellulose Insulation

a GREEN solution to all your thermal, sound & acoustic insulation, condensation control and noise impact issues

A common misconception is that environmental products are very costly. People may not consider environmental friendly products because there are cheaper alternatives available. However, not all products that can help to improve your wellbeing and preserve Mother Nature are just expensive ‘green’ indulgences.

We are all used to fibre glass or rockwool to solve noise issues and for sound and acoustic insulation use. Cellulose insulation which is a GREEN product manufactured from recycled paper is an interesting alternative.

Using a layer of cellulose, sprayed under your metal roof or ceiling, sandwiched between wall boards or spray into wall cavities, it helps to cool the building envelope thus reducing energy cost and solving other issues of sound, acoustic , condensation control or noise impact.

Application Methods

TCL Cellulose Spray can be applied / installed using the following methods

  • Dry Fill / Dry Blow
  • Wet Spray – Applied With Water
  • Spray On Or Exposed System – Applied With Adhesive
  • Modular Cellulose Acoustic Panels
  • Cellulose Batt / Blanket Insulation
Dry Blow
Dry Fill
Wet Spray Applied With Water
Spray On System Applied With Adhesive

One Material, Many Advantages

The Spray Applied Thermal and Acoustical Cellulose insulation (SATAC) or more commonly known as TCL Cellulose Spray could be applied to virtually any construction surface. It is made of recycled paper, which are hollow, elastic and energy absorbing, providing an excellent insulation against both heat and cold. The fibers are chemically treated to provide resistance to fire, mold, mildew and fungus. This unique insulation contains no asbestos, glass fibers or formaldehyde.

TCL Cellulose Spray is spray applied with adhesive using fiber moving machine and is a self supporting treatment system. The total system cost is comparatively cheaper as compared to other insulation systems which involves a combination of different building materials.

Thermal Performance

The purpose of insulation is to control a building’s gain or loss of heat. Air infiltration resulting from voids, seams, cracks and other structural irregularities greatly reduces insulation performance. TCL Cellulose Spray’s continuous, seamless insulation system stops air infiltration, thus saves on heating and cooling costs.

Condensation Control

TCL Cellulose Spray’s monolithic seal creates uniformity in the applied insulation system, avoiding hot air in touch with the cold surface, thus eliminates condensation.

Sound Insulation And Acoustical Control

TCL Cellulose Spray creates a spray-applied blanket which provides a sound barrier by sealing off potential sound transmission points in the wall.

Its high density and resilient fibers naturally absorb noise over a broad frequency range and reduce reverberations, creating a more favourable environment in theaters, auditoriums, sound studios and industrial work place

Rain Noise Impact

With application of average thickness of 30mm of cellulose insulation to the soffit of metal deck roof reduce rain noise up to 17dB. Reducing rain noise disturbances and ensuring ease of communication and creating a quieter environment conducive to higher productivity

Fire Retardant

TCL Cellulose Spray is non combustible and intense heat will not penetrate its protective barrier. It complies to BS 476 Part 6 & & and endorsed as Class ‘O’ building material by Jabatan Bomba Dan Penyelamat Malaysia