ThermoCool is a water based fluid-applied ceramic thermal insulation paint/coating

ThermoCool designed mainly for:

  • Reflect radiant heat rays
  • Does not absorb heat, heat dissipation to the surrounding

Multi-type-surface-compatibility: It can be use on metal, clay and concrete roofing.
Primer-less: Application requires no additional primer or special addictive.
Easy application: Apply by method such as roller, brush and airless spray.

ThermoCool product features:

  • Reduce heat transfer into buildings(hot days)
  • Keep warm in the building(Cold day)
  • Waterproof, corrosion prevension
  • Anti-fungus and anti-algae.
  • Excellent adhesiveness.
  • Near-zero VOC(Not Hazardous, Eco-friendly, Odourless)
  • Non-flammable.

ThermoCool Technology:

By incorporating Ceramic and Nano technology. ThermoCool is able to reduce temperature up to 30 percent
**Disclaimer: effect varies on different substrate and at different ambient temperature

ThermoCool VS Other brand of paints

Others use pearlites for reflective properties only, but NOT CERAMICS.

They are “reflective coatings” only. ThermoCool VS has 3 separate ceramic compounds in its formula…

• 2 work for reflect heat
• 1 compound to control heat conduction

This makes an insulating coating, not just a reflective coating. Reflective cannot insulate heat for real in long term.

ThermoCool has near zero VOC value, it is extremely safe to use, having tested and proven by SGS International.

Heated indoor? Rusty roof? Fungi grow? Leaking? Cannot stop production for refurbishment?

ThermoCool solve all those!!

Reasons to use ThermoCool

  • Reduces sun load/heat into buildings.
  • Improves interior living comfort.
  • Energy and cost efficient, good Return of Investment.
  • Lower electricity bills.
  • Extends the life of the coated substrate.
  • Reduces green house effect.
  • Enhance properties value.
  • Paint made of Eco–friendly materials.
  • Not light-able by fire.

Application area

  • Factories
  • Livestock Farms
  • Builders
  • Houses
  • Developer
  • Architects
  • Engineering
  • Hardware
  • And etc…